Synergy in Sound understands what it takes to get the job done. We aim to be the most technically-advanced, professional audio engineering company in the central Texas area. SYN considers quality service a top priority. A knowledgeable and friendly staff with over 10 years of experience commit to giving the best sound and visual experience possible. In addition, Synergy in Sound strives to construct long lasting relationships with honesty and integrity in the community while creating a valued product.


Justin Sappington, owner and lead engineer for Synergy in Sound, combines his knowledge and experience to create alluring and memorable events. With over 10 years of experience and a degree in audio engineering, Justin provides direction for audio and visual production benefiting the SYN crew and partners.


It all began with Justin being appointed leader of the praise and worship group at his church in Beaumont, Texas. The band developed a following and started touring different cities in Texas. During this time, Justin cultivated his passion for music and sound engineering, specifically in the production side of sound. He began reading various literatures deepening his knowledge for the industry. Local bars and bands began hiring Justin to coordinate and run live events giving valued experience.


As Justin’s expertise grew, so did the crowds.  He went from providing a sound and visual experience from 50-120 people to 1200-1500 over time. With the experiences in his past, Justin decided to create his own recording company, Rorschach Records. Rorschach Records thrived from 2012- 2015, it was then Justin decided he wanted to go back to his roots in production. Sappington then created and cultivated the idea, now reality, of Synergy and Sound. A company dedicated to the best sound and visual experience possible.

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