Live Events

We are committed to the full involvement in the production of your event from start to finish. We provide audio, video, lighting and production services for corporate meetings, private events, weddings, conferences, concerts and more. We deal with top of the line equipment to ensure that you are getting the best sound, quality and aesthetic. 

Custom Installation

Synergy in Sound can do it all. We install the latest and greatest equipment in your music venue or place of business. Not only will our gear make your business stand apart from the competition, but our products provided by our dealers will also last you for years to come. We pride ourselves in installing minimalistic, user-friendly, long lasting products.


We love to set up live recordings. The SYN crew works with recording audio specialties specific to your interest. With the correct equipment and plan, it is our goal to optimize product quality and client time. We will record your next event, wedding, or concert. We can also help with recording full length EP’s, demos, or albums.